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About Emily Frisch

Emily Frisch, a Morristown-area Expert

Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Emily was a top performing sales representative for one of the world’s largest textbook publishers. Leveraging her previous experience as a teacher, she developed a unique consultative approach, adding value by helping educators develop lessons around her product, and selling a holistic educational curriculum as opposed to just textbooks. This style led to many successes and awards, and paved a road for a lucrative career in her industry.

Emily’s decision to leave her six figure income and enter the real estate world stemmed from a frustrating experience helping her grandparents find a new home as they planned to move back to New Jersey from Florida. The real estate agents that they worked with added little value above what a simple internet search could provide. There was a lack of personalized service and attention to her grandparents’ specific needs, resulting in a lot of time wasted seeing houses that did not fit well, and ultimately no home purchase to show for it! Emily became impassioned to enter this industry and change how business is done.

In this age of technology and easy access to listings, a real estate agent must evolve to do more than search for generic home matches, open doors, and hang signs. They have to be a consultant who listens to their clients’ needs and solves problems. They must know the inventory in the market. They need to be surrounded by a trusted referral network, whether it be to help with construction, mortgage lending, or even developing a social circle in a new location. Emily employs her consultative style to help clients buy and sell in the Greater Morristown area. Inspired by her personal experiences, including the one with her grandparents, she additionally specializes in helping find homes that are perfect for seniors, and for pet owners, as there are many factors that make a suitable home for these clients that they may not even realize until after moving in (and that internet tools do not consider). By having a working inventory of homes that meet these specific criteria, Emily can narrow down your search to save you time and get you into a home that meets your needs.

Please give Emily a call at 973-879-2900, and experience the difference of having not only a real estate salesperson by your side, but also a consultant who can help you turn a house into a home.

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